Girdwood Ak 99587 In Alaska 1-907-783-3111 Toll Free 1-877-477-8243. Fortunately, this excursion makes for a fine family outing. The glacier ice has since receded 3 miles up and around a bend in Portage Valley. Full serviuce Camping along Portage Glacier Road and just minutes away from Whittier Alaska. //-->. Portage Glacier Road Free Camping. The Begich,Boggs Visitor Center was built by the U.S. Forest Service in 1986. The mv Ptarmigan cruises Portage Lake multiple times daily throughout summer on one-hour tours to the face of this icy wonder. So if you are short on time just turn back at the top of Portage Pass. Be the first to add a video for Portage Glacier Road! Portage Glacier in located in Chugach National Forest and is one of Alaska’s most visited attractions. Hikers, bikers, skiers, skijourers, and snowshoers will form a 3 mile trail out to Portage Glacier. That was hundreds of years ago, and unfortunately now only a fraction of the glacier remains. The idea here was simply to escape and save a little cash. Directions - Located one hour south of Anchorage at the head of Turnagain Arm, Portage Valley RV Park and cabins is just 2 short miles from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center down Portage Glacier Road and 3.5 miles from Portage Lake Glacier Tours and visitors center. There are two sites on the right. ,