To: PFIC Message Board Spotted Eagle Ray The spotted eagle ray is one of the most beautiful rays and is also known as the bonnet ray. STINGER NIGHT SIGHT (AN/PAS 18) The AN/PAS-18 is a rugged, lightweight thermal imaging sight that mounts on the Stinger weapon round to provide a 24-hour mission capability. In fact, some cuts were quite deep, and that really puts the ray at risk of infection or parasites. Stingrays, like their larger manta ray cousins, use a form of … The less damage you do to these creatures, the better. While it’s stretches more and is quite thick, I think it’s still beneficial to stick with mono in this case. Really sharp and barbed. If a tooth breaks or wears out, a new one replaces it. It’s almost surgical the way I do it. Sharks are a distant third, says Dr. Christopher Lowe, assistant professor of biological sciences at California State University, Long Beach. To: PFIC Message Board The best way to avoid getting stung is to do what Lowe calls the “stingray shuffle” sliding one’s feet through the sand and under a ray. Happy fishing!!!! if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav14n=MSFPpreload("../../../composition/_derived/ray_and_skate.htm_cmp_fish4010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav14h=MSFPpreload("../../../composition/_derived/ray_and_skate.htm_cmp_fish4010_hbtn_a.gif"); } Bat.Ray.Stinger_Berkeley.Pier_2002. Discretion sometimes trumps courage. I was at Pacifica Pier the other night and landed a fatty smooth hound shark. You don’t want to second guess the ray and wonder if he’s gonna bite you. It hurt for a few hours; still have the triangular scar on my foot and, hasn’t changed since the day it happened. There I felt a mild electric current flow through my leg as it throbbed while the blood oozed out. Did you string it up like a hammock? To: PFIC Message Board No teeth, just sandpaper-like cartilage for lips. As for cutting the stingers off I’ve done it a few times when I was younger. Eating them is one thing as a food source if they are big enough, as there is no size limit, bag limit, or species restrictions of any kind on them, and maybe there should be. I am curious to know if anyone on this board has ever been stung by a ray? If you have done this technique correctly (and you were close enough to the water) you will have turned the ray over and flung him back into the surf. Anyone who’s been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium knows they have a bat ray petting tank. You just gotta stick your hand in there and grab it firm and hoist. Anyone can do it with a little practice. It’s like… eating my dog or something… :p. The big rays have always reminded me of big cows, the way they make all kinds of slurping/snorting noises when on land. At places with milder waves, “we found stingrays right into the surf zone. He caught a small bat ray, cut the tail off thinking he was safe and then got nailed by it’s stinger as he threw it back (oh yeah I forgot to mention that the jerk gaffed it to bring it in – then released it!). Your email address will not be published. . Also, Ken Jones knows quite a bit about the preparation of bat rays. The maximum size of a bat ray is about 200 pounds, with a wingspan of about 6 feet (see my artwork below). The bat ray has a more distinctive-looking facial area than other types of stingrays, and its wings come to a point at the end. And that works! I’ve actually seen idiots cut off the tail and miss the stinger entirely – it’s too bad these retards didn’t get stung after thinking they cut off the stinger. I hope this helps. I heard that when you catch a ray, you are supposed to cut the stinger off. “Generally, its sting is characterized by a light, tingly sensation that gradually builds into a burning sensation that tends to be localized where the tentacles make contact with the person’s skin.” The wing spans up to 8 feet. PierHead. This usually only happens when someone steps on a ray, especially when wading at the beach. No unauthorized duplication. How did you tie off the 2 lines to the net – I could see the net revolving (horizontally) and tipping the fish out. Males are typically smaller than females. And while I’ve had a few rays try to chomp down on my hand, they don’t have teeth and it has never hurt. k. Oh and um, when you do hold the ray, where do you hold the tail with the towel? So I really like the mouth hold because it’s a lot cleaner. Bat Ray caught at the Mud Marlin Derby at Berkeley Pier in 2015. You use your bicep instead of your wrist and forearm. It also helps to know where the stinger is – at the base of the tail. More often than not, people get stung by rays because they are not paying attention, or are intrigued by the stinger and want to touch it. Another source of damage… is getting cut up during the fight through entanglement. Either use a glove and hold the tail or cover it with a towel and hold it down with your foot. What I do then is to grasp the tail with needlenose pliers and cut off the stinger (spine). “Something has actually poked into your skin and there is mucus that covers the barb. Subject: Best way to pick up a Bat Ray or…. “It doesn’t have any nerves leading to it, so you can clip off the pointy end.” if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav17n=MSFPpreload("../../../composition/_derived/SmallFlatFishN.html_cmp_fish4010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav17h=MSFPpreload("../../../composition/_derived/SmallFlatFishN.html_cmp_fish4010_hbtn_a.gif"); } If this is true, how are you supposed to do it? Seriously, if you’re afraid of the chomp, you can get some leather gardening gloves from Home Depot for a buck and that really protects the fingers.