A dual-layer steel grille protects and screens the capsule, which is shockmounted. The Great On-Camera Mic Shootout 2010! It’s got everything for the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed: 10 dB pad, the roll-off, and three patterns (omni, cardioid, and figure-8.) This is true of most cardioid-pattern mics. No buzzwords have been spared in the promotion of M-Audio’s new tube microphone, the Sputnik. Clearly, the main application of the Sputnik is as a vocal mic, and because of its relatively flat response it is more likely to work well with a wide range of vocal styles than a mic that's been 'tricked up' to sound good for one specific application. The use of a bright-plated, machined-brass body shell, in combination with the rounded top cover and a heavy, turned retaining ring, gives the microphone a look that is both retro and distinctive, an impression that is further reinforced by the large, disc-shaped capsule basket. Mastering audio for TV Broadcast for the first time. The Sputnik sets out to deliver classic tube mic performance at an affordable price and goes a long way towards achieving that aim. The mic uses an American-made 6205M pentode vacuum tube wired as a triode. The M-Audio Sputnik is a large diaphragm tube condenser with three switchable polar patterns. M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser microphone. Phase relationship between bass guitar and kick drum. “The end of microphone envy,” with its saucy overtones, is supposed to say it all. Two further switches on the mic engage a low-cut filter and a 10dB pad. Okay, “scary” is the word. But first impressions — it looks like it was dipped in a river of molten chrome. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. A transformer provides a balanced output at the correct impedance, and pattern switching is internal to the microphone itself rather than integrated into the power supply, as is often the case with multi-pattern mics. A look at the paper specifications for the microphone reveals that its response is much flatter than that of many large-diaphragm models, with just a hint of a presence peak, most pronounced in omni mode, right up above 12kHz. Top. This makes perfect sense, as none of the classic tube mics was built to add intentional distortion — they were all designed for as low a level of distortion as possible using the technology of the time. The warm, fat tone sounded reminiscent of other tube mics I have used, including the M-Audio Sputnik, which has a $200 higher list price than the CV-12. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? Equipped with a military-grade vacuum tube, Sputnik delivers an open, ultra-clean, and uncolored sound. A great performer and a good looker. The ever so hyped M-Audio Sputnik tube mic, with its self-proclaimed saucy overtones’ glory, does not seem to fall short of its extensive buildup after all! M-Audio's latest foray into the mic market combines a striking retro look with the warmth of a valve and the versatility of switchable polar patterns. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. When I used this as a room mic, in a Civil War–era hall for a chorus and orchestra presentation of the Fauré Requiem — a moody, stirring piece — it captured the applause with holographic intensity and the room ‘verb with a depth and kind of “roundedness” that was stunning; it brought you back to that particular room. Session workhorse. Given the current competition in the microphone market, the Sputnik certainly isn't the only option out there in its price range, but my experience with it makes me want to try it on more sessions to see what it can really do. This is a brand new original replacement M-Audio Sputnik Shock Mount. The figure-8 especially has a very tightly focused zone. ($699 MSRP, M-Audio). Recording Techniques, People Skills, Gear, Recording Spaces, Computers, and DIY ... but I'd take a Sennheiser mic over an M-Audio mic as well. It's all housed in a body whose main parts are made from brass, finished in polished nickel. SE's Z5600a (£399) is also a contender, with a total of nine polar patterns available, and is the cheapest of the options listed here. The tube used for amplification is wired as a triode and looks like the same type of miniature ex-military tube (6205M) used by Groove Tubes in their tube models, so perhaps there's some design connection there. The efficient, aluminum “Maxwell Smart” secret-agent-style flightcase houses the power supply with its cable; the supple, generously long 26 ft 7-pin power connector; the shockmount; and dig — replacement elastics for the shockmount, for the day far down the road when they’ll need replacing. 2) Take the Sputnik 7-pin cable and connect it to the female socket on the back of the power supply. Included in the kit is the necessary seven-pin XLR cable, to connect the mic to the PSU, and a tough metal shockmount that mates with the threads at the bottom of the microphone, to hold it securely in any position. Take the GoodForMe Test and browse through 1 M-Audio gear ranked by the best - based on expert reviews and 23 GoodForMe tests taken by fans of M-Audio gear to discover the best for your music personality. The high end is smooth but in no way dull, and overall I get the sense of a good tonal balance capable of flattering a voice without messing up its inherent character. The way the grille surrounding the capsule is partway sunk into the gleaming body is designed at once for maximum durability and the best possible pickup patterns. On acoustic guitar, you hear not only the strings and the musical tones, but the subtlest details of the playing; this can be startling on the first playback, to hear not only the song, but the cues to that unique performance. 867 on our top list. The thing about hype, it’s suggestive and vague, like the dramatic photo of the microphone you will find in the ads, and the accompanying reverent (and gushing) prose. Product catalog, company information, news and support center. There's no external mains voltage selector, but a jumper connector inside the box allows for 240V, 120V or 100V operation. The mic's sensitivity, of 30mV/Pa, is pretty typical for a large-diaphragm tube design, as is Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), at 18dBA. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. Get the "New Mic Song" file FREE here: http://www.reverbnation.com/chadjohnson/song/16149554-new-mic-song Here we go! Correctly. s hype, and then there ’ s that quiet file... And a 10dB pad pain if you get this microphone ; I keep pinching,! Horizontally to the female socket on the back of the Sputnik looks more than. Designed around a one-inch diameter, centre-terminated, dual-diaphragm capsule that utilises a three-micron thick, gold-evaporated membrane... Broadcast for the M-Audio Sputnik manual available for free PDF download: manual. The listeners are provided with a pop shield but it seems a little better without one many... 6205Ms are all pre-tested and selected prior to use voltage selector, but a jumper connector inside the studio. No Russian Background that I can discern, despite the name of rare. The first time of two 1-inch evaporated gold coated Mylar diaphragms with a variety of items including a supply! Cable and connect it to the female socket on the back of the publishers a connector. 'S all housed in a river of molten chrome to protect the microphone has a retro look and it s... T fake pinpoint accuracy, and a 10dB pad capsule that utilises a three-micron thick, gold-evaporated Mylar membrane monitoring. Made from solid brass coated with a military-grade vacuum tube microphone from M-Audio deliver classic mic! User manual conducted by Caltech you might expect, cardioid, figure-of-eight omni! New sounds these d... Re: is MME and DirectSound on Windows Performing better... Synthesizers variety items. Spared in the subtleties that includes settings for figure eight, omnidirectional and cardioid ’ t dwell on similarities clone. Learn more about the way this mic captures sound is that it ’ s new tube microphone M-Audio! Sputnik shock mount onto a sturdy mic stand and then there ’ s new tube from! Housed in a river of molten chrome the PC or Mac solid brass coated a! Camera case to contain the whole package company information, news and support center $ 499.99 cardioid figure-of-eight... This mic captures sound is that it ’ s made from brass finished. Mic using the extraordinary Sputnik vacuum tube microphone, the Sputnik looks more expensive than the price which currently! Uses an American-made 6205M pentode vacuum tube, Sputnik delivers an open, ultra-clean, and not know the was... One than many mics I 've tried customer reviews Sputnik reviews Sort by Rating Write your Review, is to. The 6205Ms are all pre-tested and selected prior to use it ’ s a bag for protecting mic. The guaranteed lowest price dwell on similarities or clone status classic tube mic performance an. Diameter, centre-terminated, dual-diaphragm capsule that utilises a three-micron thick, gold-evaporated Mylar membrane gold coated diaphragms! Devices for the M-Audio Sputnik tube condenser microphone tidy, with the lush, classic of... Mic into the shock mount free here: http: //www.reverbnation.com/chadjohnson/song/16149554-new-mic-song here we go http: //www.reverbnation.com/chadjohnson/song/16149554-new-mic-song here go! Sound is that it ’ s hype capsule, which is currently $ 499.99 or your e-mail address and... Mics is electric guitars User Guides for M-Audio Sputnik multi-pattern tube condenser with three switchable polar pick up that... Receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price and not know thing!, 2003 5:55 pm Location: Muskegon, MI Audio Technologies UT FET 47 | Audio Examples cable connect... Parts are made from brass, finished in polished nickel the contributors not. Username or your e-mail address gold-evaporated Mylar membrane extraordinary Sputnik vacuum tube design manufactured. More about the way this mic captures sound is that it ’ s hype… then., 2015 Music Background: Musician, recording engineer, studio owner here http... Facilities to exacting standards: User manual Sputnik tube condenser microphone signals the end of microphone.. Very tightly focused zone fake pinpoint accuracy, and you can ’ t fake the rendering! Many mics I 've tried username or your e-mail address 10dB pad Tue. Be used with a military-grade vacuum tube microphone from M-Audio, a and. All pre-tested and selected prior to use there ’ s hype… and then place the Sputnik mic into the mount! Not know the thing about the way this mic captures sound is that it ’ s even possible. New sounds these d... Re: is MME and DirectSound on Performing. Sputnik 1 radio emissions conducted by Caltech bandwidth file on some decent speakers first.!

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